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I am a Sports Club / Coach

Sports clubs are a backbone of our communities – a place of amazing connection and learning for life – but also high risk of physical and sexual abuse of children and other vulnerable people.


The media continues to be rife with stories of abuse and cultures which allowed abuse to continue, even after reports had been made. These stories are not all historical!


Sports clubs can be a complex weave of volunteers, paid staff, parents and families, young coaches, elite athletes, high performance coaches, medical and allied health staff, grounds staff; and there’s lots of travel, different ages of children together, time away from families, pressure to perform. The opportunities for exploitation of vulnerable people are numerous.

It can be complex, and it’s hard to talk about, but the more you understand, the easier it becomes. And there is a lot that can be done to create cultures which prioritise safety.


Even if you think your sports club is compliant with your child safety obligations, here is a question for you: Would your most junior staff coach know the signs of grooming or abuse and are you confident that they would feel supported to come forward if they had concerns?

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