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I am a Parent / Carer

Ask the right questions

When you sign your little one up to a new after school activity, do you know what to ask to check on an organisation’s safety?


When your loved one is being cared for by someone else, do you know how to check what is done to keep your loved one safe?


Does your child have a part-time job?


We want to raise the knowledge and awareness of parents and carers, and help them ask the difficult questions, thereby raising the standards and expectations on organisations working with children and other vulnerable people.


We welcome invitations to talk to parent and carer groups and can help you think about the safety risks and how to check it out.

For example:

We provide practical, non-confrontational, story-based guidance for parents on keeping kids safe.  

Start the conversation

These are hard things to talk about, but we know that the more we talk, the easier it is.  

As parents to three children, we want to share the knowledge we have gained in over a decade in working in this field. The messages are too important not to talk about – and keep on talking about! We provide free resources to help parents understand the issues, the questions to ask and the things to look for. 

Asking these questions will help to raise the standards of organisations working with children

This information helps you to understand how much involvement / visibility you need to maintain

Ask the questions - have the hard conversation

Go with your gut feeling - raise any concerns and keep chasing until you get a response

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